The Black Sea

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#2 The Black Sea

The Cultural Implications of the accession of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania to the EU
With a live Encounter September 2006 in Constanta

25 January – 26 June 07

This Encounter took place in Constanta on Romania's Black Sea coast in September 2006 and the reflections of the participants are now published. What are the challenges facing Romania and the other Black Sea Countries of Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey at this time?
The Constanta Encounter heard from artists and thinkers from across Europe about the desire to create international cultural work that reflects the social and political context of Europe Now and from colleagues from Romania on the conditions faced by them. As part of the Encounter 24 artists made visits to key places in the city and reported back to the Encounter with spontaneous ideas for site-specific cultural projects, demonstrating the unique vision an artist can bring to the urban landscape. A short film by Apres gives a flavour of the setting.

This encounter is hosted by: Intercult

The Casino of Constanta, scene of the Encounter

Opening statement

Constanta Encounter

Over 100 speakers, artists, cultural operators and experts from all over Europe attended the SEAS Gathering held on 13-17 September 2006 in Constanta, Romania, held in the city’s famous but near-derelict casino. The Gathering officially launched a new cycle of the Black/North SEAS project that will feature activities and events in the Black Sea and North Sea regions till 2009. more...

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