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#5 Arts and Science

A live Encounter in Odessa, Ukraine

25 April – 09 March 09

An Encounter between the worlds of Science and Art in Europe - an examination of the role culture and arts can contribute to the work of scientists and of the scientific approaches artists use in their creative lives.
Legendary theatre maker Eugenio Barba speaks about his experience of anthropology. Viktor Karamushka and Ralf Steeg reveal the role cultural activity plays in their environmental work in the Danube Delta and the River Spree, Berlin. Jacek Dominiczak and Monika Zadawska continue their Fast Urban Mapping project in Odessa and finally local heritage experts speak about the challenges they face in preserving the limestone buildings of Odessa, a city created at the command of Catherine the Great and now theatrened by erosion from the weather.

This encounter is hosted by: Intercult

The Arts and Science Encounter in Odessa 27 April 2007 at the Londonskaya Hotel

Opening statement

Odessa: Inbetweenness

We are living in times of inbetween, in times of nolonger and notyet. The old systemic views are no longer adequate. The centralized, industrialized, self-contained old world built on institutions, nation states and rigid hierarchies no longer functions and together with them aspirations to full employment in the northern hemisphere have been abandoned. more...

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