Cultural versus National Borders

Video still from 'Rever (DE)' by Szabolcs KissPál

Europe Now | Europe Next Encounters

At the heart of Europe Now | Europe Next are a number of Encounters between artists, writers, cultural operators and the general public.

In live and online Encounters, 200 selected core participants start the debate with initial artistic contributions, a range of articles, images, video and sound pieces. Reflecting on the Europe of today (Europe Now) and envisioning a Europe of tomorrow (Europe Next), they try to overcome stereotypes and prejudices. Aiming at a transnational dialogue between people from the old, new and prospective member states of the European Union and their neighbours, the live Encounters take place in Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Ukraine the online Encounters everywhere on the Net! Join the Encounters by contributing your own artistic work or discussing in the forum.

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With a live Encounter 19/20 February 2007 in Budapest

01 January 31 July 07
Hosted by: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

The Cultural Implications of the accession of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania to the EU
With a live Encounter September 2006 in Constanta

25 January 26 June 07
Hosted by: Intercult

11 February 12 March 09
Hosted by: Visiting Arts

The contribution of the cultural sector to human development

25 March 00 November 00
Hosted by: DCCD

A live Encounter in Odessa, Ukraine

25 April 09 March 09
Hosted by: Intercult

Developing the means to engage in dialogue

22 May 00 November 00
Hosted by: DCCD

04 06 July 07
Hosted by: BSCC

With live Encounters in Warsaw and Gdansk

19 May 31 July 07
Hosted by: BSCC