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Press activities are co-ordinated by the Partner Visiting Arts, London. Journalists may contact our press officer Rhiannon Pickles for further information and images on the project Europe Now | Europe Next.

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1st Press release, on the occasion of the launch of

In an exciting new venture and the first of its kind, Europe Now | Europe Next will bring artists together from across the expanding Europe in a series of Encounters.

Selected artists from across the EU will be meeting and working with local artists and inhabitants in host cities Constanta, Budapest, Odessa, Warsaw and Gdansk, producing online, video, text and audio encounters to which everyone is invited to respond. This will provide an opportunity to explore of the characteristics and personal and collective histories of these new European cities and a means to discover ways of working together across cultures in a new Europe. Europe Now | Europe Next will provide an unprecedented cross-fertilization of ideas surrounding European enlargement. The project will highlight the values and issues facing the current EU (the Europe of now), those States which are looking to join the EU (the next Europe), and the new, neighbouring countries.

Europe Now | Europe Next will further highlight the importance of artists within the wider community by giving them the opportunity to share what they have learnt from projects in areas such as communication and identity within a range of different cultures.

Yvette Vaughan Jones, executive director of UK project partner Visiting Arts comments, "With over two hundred artists and eight organisations taking part in an open meeting place, Europe Now | Europe Next has a fantastic potential to reflect on the key issues facing citizens in the new Europe. Artists hold a unique position where they can reflect, comment on and interpret contemporary society. This is an opportunity for all of us to overcome assumptions and stereotypes and to create relationships throughout Europe, where difference and similarity are equally celebrated. Only in the sphere of the Arts could such an event take place and I am thrilled that Visiting Arts can take part."