New Europe for a Newer Europe

About the project Europe Now | Europe Next

The new project Europe Now | Europe Next is committed to the Europe of today and the Europe of tomorrow. Europe Now | Europe Next examines the process and effects of EU enlargement in the cultural field. At its heart are live and online Encounters taking place during the course of 2007. A selected group of 200 initial contributors - artists, writers and cultural operators - open up debates and contribute statements, articles and sounds, videos and images. Three live Encounters take place in Budapest (Hungary, February 2007), Odessa (Ukraine, April 2007) and Warsaw (Poland, May 2007), following the kick-off event in Constanta (Romania, September 2006). Users of this site are invited to contribute by posting their artistic works and join the debates on the cultural dynamics shaping Europe Now and Europe Next.

The project of the partners Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (BSCC), Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD), House of World Cultures (HKW), Intercult and Visiting Arts has been initiated with the aim to map the dynamics of EU enlargement and put its cultural implications into focus. The series of Encounters stimulates a transnational, multidisciplinary, multilateral and intercultural dialogue between cultural players and the public in the old, new, and prospective member states of the European Union as well as its neighbouring countries and the influence of the home cultures of migrant communities within Europe. Europe Now examines, acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of the diverse European communities to the cultural heritage of the Europe of today. Europe Next demonstrates how artists express shared European values and how both, artists and European cultural institutions contribute to the process of shaping the Europe of tomorrow.

Associate partners of the project are Collegium Budapest, The Power of Culture (Amsterdam), Architecture + Dialog (Gdansk), and The Academy of Fine Arts (Gdansk).