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Artistic contribution

to Intercultural Dialogue

Dan Perjovschi

France, Romania, United States of America

„Dan Perjovschi “

„A Medida“

Drawings of Dan Perjovschi

Described as a ‘post-communist, post-modernist artist’, Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi uses drawing as performance and installation. Functioning as ‘public art’ he actively circulates ideas within society – conducting a running commentary on socially and politically prevalent issues.

Closer in context to satirical cartoon than to traditional drawing his works serve as a medium through which he can broach political, economic and artistic subjects and a desire for societal change.

His works vary from low budget photocopied pamphlets for high circulation, to large scale installations and the focus of his comments are at a local level, but he also makes comments on national and global issues. The examples here stem from various exhibitions and artist residencies he undertook in Europe and America.


Copyright of Dan Perjovschi

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