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'Where there is no State and no surplus labour there is no Work-model either. Instead, there is the continuous variation of free action, passing from speech to action, from a given action to another, from action to song, from song to speech, from speech to enterprise, all in a strange chromaticism with rare peak moments or moments of effort that the outside observer can only 'translate' in terms of work.' (Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari 'A thousand plateaus', trans. Brian Massumi, London 2003, p. 491)

Rejection of the already existing social and political forms demands also a rejection of the concept of truth, that we inherited from Descartes. The only, predominant and centralistic truth. We have to listen up the enormous amount of voices advocating their own opinions. It also means rejection of all authorities both, personal and collective.

Our voice has to be reached out of the depths.
Aphasia – Parrhesia.

Parrhesia as an art of a courageous speech (gr. “courage in speaking”) should again become present in the public space. Powered by the confidence of announcement’s veracity and validity that cannot be judged in the Descartes’ categories as well as in the categories of one’s safety, parrhesia will make a struggle for the new possibilities sufficient. This war can be carried on/ led/ made only when based on the pluralism of pursuits, aims, values.

First of all, one has to realise that an individual is a one of the basis of today’s authority. An individual divides, creates frontiers and centralises concurrently being a metaphor of a state jurisdiction. An individual became an owner of today’s trade exchange and thanks to it gained the right to state its conditions. This system became a base for the new exclusion machine coming into being. Those who don’t poses were removed from the society’ life, those who were not able to transact a trade deal – incapacitated. We shouldn’t cheat ourselves that the virtual space enables the excluded to come back to the democratic life. Internet, in spite of what is commonly thought, is a highly hierarchised and centralised tool, and the majority of information displayed in it efficiently secures the authorities’ informational fuss. Mostly the market mechanisms rule with it.

The definition of hacktivism? Practice of changing technology in order to reach political and social goals.

Let’s not believe in leaders (unless we are the leaders). Let’s reject the “one and only” vision of the revolution – a vision that is promoted by artists and curators. May a thousand revolutions come into being and each of them started by a different individual. Revolution does not have a face. May the interface stand in for the outerface.

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