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Artistic contribution

to Arts and Science

Ronny Aanes

General Nordic, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

„Ronny Aanes“

A crossroad exists between science and contemporary art

The work of Ronny Aanes & Siri Hermansen

„Aanes 5“

Inside we have to make our own world. So in this little globe, five square meters, we make our own food, we have a revolver to protect us from the polar bears, there’s a picture of my marriage day, a stereo for music. The new generation of polar researchers are very different from the old – they were explorers, we are high-tech researchers.
When I recruit people who are going to share this five square metre world with me I have to be very careful. They have to be quite stable psychologically. Sometimes you have to stay inside this hut togther for over a week. Plus there are the polar bears outside. The polar bears are a pain in the ass. They like to eat everything. They even eat your clothes. And they can smell our meat ration.


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