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Artistic contribution

to Arts and Science

Ronny Aanes

General Nordic, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

„Ronny Aanes“

A crossroad exists between science and contemporary art

The work of Ronny Aanes & Siri Hermansen

„Aanes 11“

These images are from her project Bipolar Horizon. They document the bleak and abandoned settlement of Pyramiden on Svalbard through a series of photographs and installations. Pyramiden was a Russian settlement and coal mining community on the archipelago of Svalbard. It is named after the pyramid-shaped mountain near the town. The settlement was abandoned in January 1991 by its owner, the state-owned Soviet company Arctikugol Trust, and is now a ghost town. Within the buildings things remain exactly as they were left, abandoned in a hurry. Siri’s artistic project deals with social issues and political downfall, while focussing on the negative consequences of consumer society. She is interested in the aesthetics of deterioration.


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