Intercultural Dialogue

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#3 Intercultural Dialogue

11 February – 12 March 09

Europe today is a meeting place of many cultures. In ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ we take the point of view of the artists and cultural practitioners who are engaged in those meetings, working in collaboration with artists from outside their country. Some are European artists who share their experiences of playing host to artists from other countries, or of visiting those countries to collaborate with artists. Artists from outside Europe also share their perspective on collaborating with European artists and engaging with the places.

In an increasingly global and interdependent world, the ability to enter into respectful dialogue is a vital skill for nations, communities and individuals. ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ starts with the recognition of difference and multiplicity in the world and approaches these multiple viewpoints with a desire to learn from those who may see the world differently. ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ shares the learning from specific projects and the expertise of artists and practitioners in this aspect of international working.

Title image (on lefthand side): 'Free Form', site-specific installation by Anca Benera.

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This encounter is hosted by: Visiting Arts

image courtesy of the Poetry Society, UK

Opening statement

Poetry on Tour

“I’ve never seen myself as cultural ambassador. I do not represent the Indian poetry scene – and don’t believe anyone can.” That was the line with which I habitually prefaced my presentations in the course of my fortnight’s visit to the UK. more...

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  • Dan Perjovschi
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    Dan Perjovschi
    by Dan Perjovschi
    , France, Romania, United States of America
  • Dialouges

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    by Victor Agius
  • Our Experiences
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    Our Experiences
    by GENERATORprojects
    , Scotland (UK)
  • Headroom
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    by Paul Sermon
    , England (UK), Taiwan
  • My Own London Calling
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    My Own London Calling
    by Maria Claudia Mejía Alvarez
    , Colombia
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